Sister M. Margaret

"Veni Si Amas" Come if you love!

Smm6I was born and raised in California in a Catholic family and went to Catholic school through 8th grade.  I grew up with 4 brothers and a sister.  My plan was to be married and have lots of children. God had other plans for me that he showed me gradually. I went to Franciscan University in Ohio. I figured I would meet a good Catholic man to marry there. Again, God showed me otherwise.

I took a year off of college to travel with a youth ministry group called NET-National Evangelization Teams. It was during that time that I became open to the possibility of a vocation to religious life. Through prayer, living very simply, ministry, and community living, I began to realize that God might be calling me to live as a religious sister. When I returned to the university to finish college, providence would have it that our sisters were there. They were not attending or teaching before I took the year off for NET. A friend of mine asked me to visit the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George with her during Spring break. At the time I thought, "That's no fun. It's Spring break." However, through thought and prayer, I decided to visit. Lo and behold, that was HOME for me.

I loved the joy of the sisters, the Charism of Merciful Love and the Franciscan spirituality. St. Francis had a hand on me since my baptism which happened to be on the day that we sisters renew our vows. When I was in Alton visiting, I spent much time in prayer in our adoration chapel. The message outside of the chapel and on the monstrance says, "Veni Si Amas" which means, "Come if you Love." I felt like Jesus was speaking that directly to my heart and I said, "Yes, I do love you. I will come." And I have never looked back. I am grateful for my vocation and in particular for my call to be a Sister of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George.