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Celebrating Our Feastday Sisters

Thank you for visiting our Feastday page and for your support of our sisters as they took their next steps in religious life on August 2 and 3.  Special thanks to St. Mary's Church in Alton which not only provided a beautiful setting for the ceremonies, but is also provided Live Streaming.  The videos are now available on demand on the parish and school Facebook page.  
(NOTE: You do NOT need to have a Facebook account to be able to access this page.)

Click here to view the Mass of First Profession and Reception into the Novitiate.

Click HERE to view the Mass of Final Profession.

Downloadable programs for the respective liturgies are available using the image buttons on the right of this page.

Sisters Who Professed Final Vows on August 3

Final Vow Prep Sisters 2020

(From Left to Right)
Sr. M. Gemma Kissel
Sr. Teresa Maria Leis
Sr. Karol Marie Baumgarten
Sr. M. Caterina Vola
Sr. Mary Francis Goodson
Sr. M. Lucy Gantt

Sisters Received into the Novitiate on August 2

Reception of the Habit 2020

(From Left to Right)
Sidney Ramaekers--- Sr. M. Magnificat
Gabrielle Burnham--- Sr. Bethany Marie
Clare Kennedy---Sr. M. Veronica

Sisters who Professed First Vows on August 2

First Profession 2020

(From Left to Right)
Sr. M. Rose Thomas Weighner
Sr. Peter Marie Tran
Sr. Mary James Becker
Sr. M. Cecilia Abbadessa

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