Making His Merciful Love Visible

Flowing From His Heart

At the very center of our consecrated life is

our union with the Heart of Jesus Christ,

renewed and deepened through our encounter with Him

in community and personal prayer.

It is only through this union that we personally encounter the Merciful love of Christ in order to make it visible to the world through our service.

This mystery is proclaimed by the Gospels, the Church’s tradition, and the witness of the Saints. In our community, participation in this mystery takes the form of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“We want to look always upon Him Whom they have pierced.

In our human limitation we can look only in one direction because we only have two eyes!

Therefore, we must turn away from everything else.

In our vow of Poverty, we turn to God and expect everything from Him. 

In Obedience, we listen only to His words.

In the vow of Chastity, we turn completely to Him and expect everything from Him.

We do not only make our vows, but we want to live them seriously; we want to celebrate them. Only then do they give us life and bring us joy.”

- Mother M. Sixtina Reul, FSGM