Throughout the history of the Church, many parents have the influenced the lives of their children with their prayers and encouragement to answer God's call to the priesthood or religious life.

Saints Joachim & Ann taught Mary the Jewish faith and traditions; helping her to foster an open heart to know and seek God's will.

Saint Monica prayed for many years for the conversion of her son, Saint Augustine, which ultimately led to his priestly vocation.

Blessed Louis & Zelie Martin received all their children as a gift from God that ultimately belonged to Him and would be returned to Him. This was their disposition both with their children who died shortly after birth and with their five daughters who eventually entered religious life. After the death of her mother, Saint Therese of Lisieux found great support for her vocation from her father, Blessed Louis, who stood by her side as she petitioned the Bishop and the Pope to allow her to enter Carmel at the age of 15.

Therefore, we are grateful for the gift of our parents and families and for the ways they support and encourage our vocations, particularly through their prayers for us. We always remain the daughter of our parents and the sister of our siblings. Many family relationships are deepened and strengthened through one's religious vocation.

May families be animated by the spirit of faith and love and by the sense of duty which is capable of helping children to welcome generously the call to priesthood and to religious life...seeking to guide the young people entrusted to them so that these will recognize and freely accept a divine vocation.
~Pope Benedict XVI