Province St. Elizabeth - Archives




Our Archivist is currently establishing an Archives for our American Province.

As this process progresses, the greater the amount of assets

that could be available to our Sisters and others who are

interested in learning about our Community, its history and mission,

and those who have gone before us.




Lake Port Michigan 1983 - Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George


The Archives has a database of all Sisters who were admitted and received into the Novitiate of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George.

Deceased Sisters: The Archives has a file for each of the deceased Sisters, which may contain such documents as Sacramental Baptismal/Confirmation certificates, Education and Degree certificates, Naturalization certificate, and listing of when and where she served, and death papers and funeral preparation. File may contain photos.


Living Sisters: The Archives has a “Drop File” for each of the living Sisters and collects items that the individual Sister would like the Archives to preserve, as well as photos, articles, newspaper clippings.

1958 Groundbreaking Mother Agatha - Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. GeorgeCollections

Since our Archivist is in the process of organizing the assets, following is a partial listing of what we have:

A listing of where we have served since December 1923, including information regarding the respective apostolates, the Sisters who were assigned there and her apostolate, and histories regarding the places (state/diocese/country/region) where we have served, such as Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, and Brazil.

We have a variety of assets, including photos, audio, video, artifacts; correspondence from our Reverend Mothers, Provincial Superiors, and Clergy. Many documents are in German; some have been translated.

Archive requests?

Contact our Archivist for more information!

Centennial Jubilee

Our American Province St. Elizabeth is currently celebrating its Centennial Jubilee throughout the year 2024. 

We hope to walk in the footsteps of our five pioneer Sisters and to bask in the graces that flow from their sacrifices and prayers for us who follow after!


The Archives for our American Province has been, and continues to be, busy searching for missing pieces to the puzzle of our history in the USA which we are celebrating.

Here are some pictures from the early 30’s!