Come if you love, veni si amas, Sacred Heart

smariachristi feastdayFranciscans devoted to the Sacred Heart

Our foundress Mother M. Anselma was animated by the love of Christ and called to follow in the footsteps St. Francis of Assisi.

Recognizing her poverty before the Lord, she rejoiced at His humility of becoming man for each of us.

In all she did, she sought His face- the face of the Poor One, the Crucified One, the Pierced Bridegroom.

Characterized by her firm resolve to be a holocaust before the Lord, she desired to follow Christ by living a simple, joyful life.

Only by gazing upon the Pierced Heart of her Savior could her own heart be transformed to be fully one with His.

We, her daughters, seek to follow her lived example of being simple, humble, and joyful Sisters.




"Do not lose courage even if your worries seem difficult. 

Flee in such moments to the Sacred Heart,

There you will always be consoled."  - Mother M. Anselma, foundress




SMX and STM croppedSimply ready in obedience to god's will -

By "looking upon Him whom we have pierced" (John 19:37), we come to a deeper recognition of the Lord's immense mercy towards us. This joyful realization beckons us to leave all things behind and follow Him by making His Merciful Love visible.

SMPetra and SMMagdalena
4th of July with the Alton Franciscans
FSGM sledding
Sr. Mary George, Sr. M. Caritas, and Sr. M. Angelica
Sr. M. Veritas and Sr. Mary Kolbe

Women's Discernment Retreat

How has your heart been made to love?




Golden Jubilee

of Sister M. Stephanie & Sister M. Martin!






"Offer yourself as a holocaust to God.

You came to fulfill the will of god."


-Mother M. Anselma Bopp, Foundress



2022 Feastday!

Final Vows, First Vows, and Reception into the Novitiate!

Recent Reception!

Sr. M. Magdalena was received into the Novitiate on July 31st!

Golden Jubilee!

Sr. M. Martin and Sr. M. Stephanie celebrated 50 years!




"It is simply God's work that we admire here."


-Mother M. Anselma Bopp, foundress