Upcoming Events

January 25-27, 2017: Our sisters will be part of the Generation Life Pilgrimage out of St. Louis.

February 4, 2017: Discernment retreat with the University of Illinois, Champaign

February 6-9, 2017: Archdiocese of St. Louis FOCUS 11

February 11, 2017: Sr. M. Karolyn will speak at GIVENKC

March 23-24, 2017: University of Mary Vocation Jamboree, Fargo, North Dakota

March 31, 2017: Benedictine College Vocation Fair

April 1, 2017: Benedictine College, Symposium on the New Evangelization

April 21-23, 2017: Veni Si Amas Discernment Retreat at the provincial house in Alton